Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation

If you are a homeowner your residential garage door is designed to offer more than just protection for your car or truck. Most modern residential garages are an extension of your home and therefore part of the security setup. You naturally do not want your garage to be the weak link in your home’s security system. Installing a new garage door is always a considered decision, based on all these factors – safety, security, convenience, looks and benefits. Our experts at Severna Garage Door Repair are here to help you select the perfect door to suit your needs. We offer a wide selection..

Our garage doors are by Amarr. These doors are of very high quality, provide beauty as well as security for your home.

Add beauty and value to your home with a new garage door. Installing a new garage door will add security and value to your home. You will be the envy of anyone around with your new garage door. Schedule a free estimate today, there is no obligation. We know you will choose us for your next garage door project, we have our work to prove it.

You are welcome to use our Garage Door Designer to build your own garage door. We will be able to give you a rough estimate, in order for us to provide you with accurate pricing we will send a technician to take measurements and see what needs to be done. Our estimate are FREE of charge!

Many times just a certain panel is broken, there is no need to replace the entire garage door. Before contacting us please let us know what is the brand of your garage door. In most cases we can replace the panel.

If you have an old garage door, many times it is better to have the entire door replaced, many times with old doors, the panels are no longer manufactured. If you have a misaligned or bent garage door panel, try not to open and close your garage door. Many times operating your door with a bent panel can cause the entire door to come off track.

Whatever your reasons for replacing your garage door, Severna Garage Door Repair offers you fast, affordable services 24 hours a day, and a wide selection of products in our inventory to suit your needs and your budget.

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