Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

Garage door openers usually last for years. However, they do have moving parts which may under certain conditions malfunction. In most cases we can repair damaged gears and other parts. In other cases we will have to replace the opener. We provide professional garage door openers by Liftmaster. These professional garage door openers come in two main drive types and have many features.

Belt Drive Openers - are very quite and are perfect for garages located under bedrooms. These openers also come with a backup battery, MyQ technology which allows you to monitor your garage door from your phone. Belts drive openers have a lifetime warranty for the motor and 5 years warranty on the rest.

Chain Drive Openers - are the most popular garage door openers. These openers are louder than the belt drive, do not have the MyQ technology built in and do not have battery backup. However these opener still have a lifetime warranty on the motor and 3 year warranty on the rest.

Both openers have remotes and additional remotes can be purchased. If you require an external keypad, we can provide those as well.

Garage door openers like other things have different qualities and features. Some are more susceptible to malfunctions, we are able to repair most issues on most brands. If your garage door opener starts acting up, there might be a minor issue at first. This is why whenever you notice a problem, give us a call before a minor problem turns into a major one.

The most common issue is that the garage door will go down and then back up. This is mostly caused by a misaligned or faulty sensor. It is recommended to clean the eye of the sensor and make sure the two sensors face each other and that both the lights are on. If one of the lights is not on, try aligning the sensors until they point each other. Another thing to do is clean the sensors eye with a dry cloth. Also make sure that there is nothing in the way of the tracks. If these steps do not solve your issue, give us a call.

If you hear a humming sound and the opener is not doing anything, most likely the gear inside the opener has broken, in this case you should call us immediately.

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