Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Broken torsion and extension spring replacement should be performed by professionals. Garage door springs have a lot of tension and need to be properly fitted for each door. There is no one size fits all spring, our vans are stocked with 99% of the springs needed to replace your existing ones. This means that we will replace your broken garage door springs on the same visit.

Do not settle for low quality springs, our high quality garage door springs will last around 12,000 cycles. This means you will be able to use your garage door for several years without worrying about your garage door springs.

Garage door springs govern the movement of your garage door system and it is critical to have them installed with precision every time. Correctly installed springs allow your garage door system to operate as it should without causing damage to other components. A loss of balance in the garage door can have damaging results on other parts of the door.

The springs on your garage door are required to properly lift your door. Using the proper springs reduce the stress on your opener and allows you to open your garage door manually with ease.

It is very important to install the correct spring so that your garage door will function as it should. Using the wrong set of springs cause damage to your garage door opener.

After installing the proper spring on your garage, our technicians will properly calibrate your door so it will lift easily both manually and with the garage door operator.

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