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garage door cable repair

My Garage Door Cables Broke! Why?

There are various reasons why this thing happens, and it is hard to pinpoint at first.

For starters, the most likely culprit is stress. Keep in mind that your garage door works every now and then. When you go to the office, you use the garage door. When you try to access your home from there, you use the garage door. When you want to get something from the garage, you open the garage door and use it. In other words, you are putting a lot of stress on it. And you have been doing this for years.

At some point, your garage door cable is expected to snap. It just could not bear the load or weight of the garage door anymore. Luckily for you, this problem can always be fixed. You simply need a reliable garage door cable repair.

Don't Try To Do the Repair Yourself

Regardless of what caused the issue, a broken cable is a serious problem. You should not wait for it and, thus, call for immediate fixing. Not only is this situation inconvenient for you and your family, but it could also be dangerous.

So before anything serious could happen, contact a reliable garage door cable repair service. And there is no better company to help you but Severna Garage Door Repair!

garage door cable repair

Professional Garage Door Cable Replacement

Imagine trying to go to work and hoping that everything would go swiftly. But as you try to open your garage door, it does not open or lift accordingly. At first, you think there is only an object preventing it from doing so. But as you take a closer look, there is nothing – and now you are sure it has some issues. And across your mind, you are thinking it has something to do with the garage door cable.

By essence, garage door cables are tethers that could be found either side of the garage door. It is basically responsible for the process of pulling up and down. But when this cable breaks, you are definitely going to have a garage door that does not open. So it is either you are stuck inside the garage or you are going to force open it. Unfortunately, fixing it on your own will not cut. This is when you are going to need a professional garage door cable company like Severna Garage Door Repair.

Severna Garage Door Repair

Severna Garage Door Repair Wants To Ensure Your Safety

Many homeowners and business owners think that repairing the garage door cable is easy, let alone replacing it from time to time. No, it does not work that way. You want someone who actually has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done. More importantly, you want someone who has the right tools and equipment to ensure an efficient work. Doing all of these things on your own could only mean more harm than good.

Severna Garage Door Repair has been in the business of providing exceptional garage door cable repair service in the greater Maryland area; hence, you can put your trust on us. With all the years of providing exceptional work, we always look after the safe of our customers. It has been – and always will be – our primary concern. We do not want any further damages to happen; hence, our technicians will do their best to get your garage door working again.

Once we get your call, we will immediately deploy our technicians. But before performing a professional garage door cable repair service, they will first make some assessments in order to determine the actual root cause of the problem. From there, they will come up with an approach or recommendations on how to get the job done. Regardless of the results, you are guaranteed of the safety checks, which has been part of our standard operation here are Severna Garage Door Repair.

Call the Experts!

Let Severna Garage Door Repair Maintain Your Garage Door Cables

As already mentioned above, the garage door cable is responsible for lifting the weight of your garage door. That is why it is always under stress from time to time, especially when the system starts operating. As it bears the load, it puts itself in front of a hefty amount of tension.

With this and the daily wear and tear, the garage door cable came off is always a possibility. But whether you require maintenance or replacement, this type of job should only be handled by a team of professionals. Do not hesitate to contact us here at Severna Garage Door Repair.

Repairing this garage door cable issue is not ideal to do on your own. Not only is the overall process complicated, but it will also affect a lot of moving parts. So if you will make even a single mistake, you are likely to make the entire situation dangerous.

Trust Severna Garage Door Repair when it comes to this type of work. We have the technicians who are all ready to do the job for you. We are all about providing the best customer service there is!