Garage Door Installation in Severna Park, MD

Top-Notch Garage Door Installation in Maryland

Residential and Commercial Garage Door Installation

  • Our technicians will come to your home and assess the situation. This will help them determine which garage door is right for you. Once they have found the perfect fit, we will schedule a time for installation.

    • The first thing our technician will do is remove the old garage door. They will then take measurements of the opening to make sure the new door will fit perfectly. Once they have confirmed the fit, they will begin to install the new door.
    • They will start by attaching the springs and brackets. They will then hang the door and attach the tracks. After that, they will test the door to make sure it is working properly. Lastly, they will clean up the area and haul away the old door.
    • The entire process usually takes about 4 to 8 hours. However, the time may vary depending on the size and type of garage door you choose.

    Severna Garage Door Repair has been providing exceptional garage door installation services in the greater Maryland area. If you need a brand new one, you can rest assured knowing that the people working on the project are experts and have the knowledge to do so. So, look no further and pick up the phone. Call us today for a no cost, no obligation estimate!


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Garage Door Insulation

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

If your garage door is attached to your home, it might be a good idea to add some insulation to your new garage door.

  • We’re all familliar with the cold winters here in the greater Maryland area.  Insulating your garage door can increase warmth within the garage space. 
  •  Insulated garage doors reduce the transfer of cold or heat air into your garage.
  • If your garage is underneath your bedroom or any other room in the house, the temperature in the garage can affect the temperature in those rooms.

Call the experts at Severna Garage Door Repair 7 Days A Week for a free estimate on a new insulated garage door!

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Your Go-To Garage Door Installation Maryland Company

Are you tired of looking for a reliable company, one that could really perform top-notch garage door installation in Maryland? This is probably due to the fact that you want a company that could meet your high standards, right? After all, your home is very valuable and that you get your money’s worth. That is why you must go with a company that specializes in Maryland garage door installation, the type that can ensure you only the very highest quality.

Well, there is no doubt that Severna Garage Door Repair is the company for you. We have been the number one player in the industry, as we continue working on a great number of Maryland garage doors for many years. What is even more is that we are surrounded by specialized experts, who are all about installing garage doors perfectly.

Free Estimates on New Garage Doors

One could agree that garage doors are more than just part of your home or office’s curb appeal. It is, in fact, part of the overall aspect, especially since it helps in providing security and safety. As long as they are installed and maintained the right way, there is no doubt that they could last for years. They are, after all, meant to stand the test of time.

Since your garage door is an investment, you want to make sure that it has the much-needed quality and functionality. Hence, the decision to choose and/or install one is critical. Only then could you evaluate or decide a time to install a new one. When you are approaching this situation, know that you are going to need a professional and expert garage door installation company in Maryland.

Remember, though, that there will be minor damages and replacements of parts in the long run. You might think they are easy to do tasks. But they are not – they require professional assistance. When looking for the best garage door installation, look no further than Severna Garage Door Repair.

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Severna Garage Door Repair Cares For You

There are a number of reasons why homeowners and business owners in Maryland continue to put their trust on us. For starters, we make sure that the people we work with are all experts in this field. In order to guarantee that, we always perform background checks. The process enables us to verify that they have the skills, expertise, and license to meet the highest of standards.

On the other hand, we keep our technicians well-trained by letting them undergo various trainings and/or seminars. We believe that knowledge is key in this business; hence, we can assure you that they are licensed, certified, and even insured. You are guaranteed that the people working with your garage door installation Maryland request has concrete knowledge about everything garage door.

Severna Garage Door Repair is all about being committed in providing Maryland the best garage door installation possible. We will listen to your needs and make sure that your standards are met. We will work hand in hand in order to provide you the comfort and reliability needed during these tough times. Above all, the services we provide are affordable.

Quality Is Severna Garage Door Repair’s Top Priority

Being a professional garage door installation company is important to us, especially when lots of residents and business owners are depending on us. With this in mind, we always try to pave our own way just to make sure that quality is a top-priority. It is, after all, the one thing that we really value among others. Whether you need a quick garage door installation, rest assured that quality is never compromised. On every garage door installation, we:

  • Always take the time to make sure that the job is done right.
  • Only use state-of-the-art parts that are at par with industry standards.
  • Use only the best tools and equipment supplied by the finest ones in the industry.
  • Make sure we do not cut corners, as we do not believe it is the right way to get a job done correctly.

It holds true that some companies could perform garage door installation in less time or in one way or another, use inferior parts. We would be more than happy to make less as long as the quality of our job is never compromised. So please do not hesitate to call us. We also provide free estimates on new garage doors!